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Eresby Special School

Eresby Special School maintains a caring and happy atmosphere where pupils can feel safe and are encouraged to achieve their personal best. Enabling them to leave school as confident, happy and independent as possible.

Careers Guidance

The Eresby School provides a relevant and engaging careers curriculum which meets the differing needs and requirements of our pupils.  This is developed throughout a pupil's time at school and is always supportive of their abilities, strengths and skills.

Aims and purpose of careers

  • Prepare pupils for the transition to life after school
  • Support pupils in making informed decisions which are appropriate for them
  • Provide pupils with well-rounded experiences
  • Develop personal characteristics such as social skills, communication, independence and resilience
  • Inspire and motivate pupils to develop themselves as individuals and live as independently as is possible
  • To ensure continuity and progression through student time in school and its coherence with other curriculum areas
  • Involve parents where appropriate
  • To promote lifelong learning and the need to be adaptable

Every student and parent / carer receives current information and support at regular intervals from Key Stage 3 onwards.  This will include:

  • Annual Review
  • Open day events where students and parent / carers can meet external providers
  • Visits to local industries and employers

In Key Stage 4 (in additional to KS3 ongoing provisions)

  • Pupil pathways onto accredited and vocational courses
  • Pupils in Year 10 and 11 undertake Work Experience and work based placements and opportunities
  • In Key Stage 4 and 5 students will meet with employers from different local work places and will make visits to the workplaces.  They will participate in a number of formal week long work placements linked to their interests and planned career choices.  The experiences are fully supported by school staff until it is clear the student no longer needs support (some students may always need some degree of support)
  • Pupils access a work taster week, to gain knowledge on a range of employments

Key Stage 5 (in addition to KS4 ongoing provision)

  • Pupils take part in Enterprise projects across the school year
  • One-to-one meetings with families, the school Careers Leader informs individual routes into Post 19 provision and appropriate and meaningful work experience opportunities
  • In Key Stage 5 students attend the link course at Boston Further Education.  This is one day a week and enables the students to work with college staff, to explore the campus, experience life on campus, including use of the canteen and have some limited understanding of the courses offered.

Work Experience

We aim to give all pupils aged 14-19 the opportunity to work experience within the community. The placement is organised in partnership with the student. All placements are checked for suitability for the individual student , risk assessed and approved. Once parental consent letters have been received, the work placement will commence. The Work Experience Programme teaches the students communication, respect, confidence and responsibility.  Students are accompanied by staff if needed, but also encouraged to attend independently once their confidence has grown.

Work Taster Week

As part of our careers education pupils in Key Stage 4 have the opportunity to take part in a Work Taster Week where they experience a different work environment every day accompanied by staff.  Through this students are able to gain a hands on experience of a variety of jobs. 

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